When the UK first went into lockdown back in 2020, illness was THE headline. Whether it was the physical symptoms of the latest coronavirus strain or associated impact on mental health, people searched for ways to occupy themselves during the long, confining lockdowns. Demand grew for home workouts, DIY, and baking, and gardening repeatedly hit the headlines as a great way for people to both keep themselves busy, keep fit and also to keep their mental wellbeing in check.

As a result, we have seen many examples of  how the population of many countries have become closer to nature and gardening during and after Covid-19.

For example, waiting lists for allotments have got longer! Before COVID the waiting list at many allotment garden associations was between one and five years – now in cities these are up to 20 years. This is found not only in the UK but across Europe and the USA too.

Also, the BBC reported 3 million new gardeners. Garden centers and hardware stores can now greet customers of all ages who were not previously in touch with gardening. Many of these companies sold out and the industry could not keep up with demand.

As a grower, it is so important to take the opportunity to remind our gardeners how plants support their mental health and wellbeing and why new gardeners should carry on with this hobby that gives so much back.

Communicating this message is a great opportunity to reinforce your proposition now that people have more freedom of choice once again. Whether using plant labels as a stand-alone product or using point of sale and dressing to improve overall impact, all of this helps to raise awareness of the value of gardening and the positive impact of your plants.

Hortipak are a team of specialist experts in the field of plant marketing and plant promotional material production. Our sales, studio and customer service teams have a deep understanding of growers’ requirements and horticultural market conditions, and we know how to keep your markets attention. Designs must be visually compelling whilst relaying your company’s brand message. Well designed labels and POS will be your silent sales staff, inspiring people to feel good about gardening!